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Joshua 9: Onward Christian Soldier!

Joshua 9 finds Joshua and the people of Israel following God’s orders to take the land.  This involves battles and bloodshed.  Joshua’s job was to lead the children of Israel and keep his mind centered on God’s will and leading.  He was NOT to fall for any traps the enemy might set for him.  After the great victory Israel just experienced – sure enough the enemy decided to try to “trick” Joshua and Israel.  They “dressed down” and went to him seeking to make a “peace treaty” with him.    If you have to disguise yourself then more than likely what you are up to is not good.   Have you noticed in your life, your family or your church that every time there is a great victory that satan and his imps from hell come around and seek to destroy it?   HE IS A LIE!  Keep your eyes on the goal, keep your mind in the Word and don’t fall for his smooth words or tricks.

The entire chapter 9 is a time of fighting and conquest – following God’s direction and instruction for the taking of the promised land.  The verse that jumps off the page at me is verse 42.  “All these kings and land  Joshua took at one time, because the Lord God of Israel fought for Israel.”     Stop trying to defeat your problems by yourself. LET GOD FIGHT FOR YOU.   If your life is under HIS direction and HIS command then you will find sure victory.  The battle isn’t YOURS — THE BATTLE BELONGS TO GOD!         Pastor James

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