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Life House TXK Morning Service 10-12-2014

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Life House TXK Morning Service 10-05-2014

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Life House TXK Morning Service 06-29-2014

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Life House TXK Morning Service 06-01-2014

Life House TXK Morning Service 05-25-2014


For some time now we have been talking about the need for “MORE ROOM” at Life House Texarkana. Someone has said, “Dream Big” and so that is what we’ve done.  We are praying that God will make a way to pour a large concrete slab next door to our present building and as soon as we can put a SIMPLE METAL BUILDING – the interior being open except for bathrooms.    One my long time friends called me last week and wanted to help and issued a challenge for Life House Family and Friends —— He offered to MATCH EVERY DOLLAR GIVEN — ABOVE our tithes up to $10,000!!!!    We are NOT TO USE OUR TITHES – those belong to the Lord but rather give what we can ABOVE our tithes and watch God bless.   I shared the challenge this morning and $1,645.00 was given —– what that means is we are at $3,200.00 already!     AGAIN — for every penny given – it’s doubled!  $1.00 becomes $2.00 — $5.00 becomes $10.00   (YOU GET THE PICTURE!).  Join us in praying that we can reach this great goal and pray that God will provide more room so we can reach, teach, disciple and more all who comes our way!!    THANKS FOR PRAYING!!!!

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